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Authors and product developers

The authors of our products are the leading scientists of the Pyatigorsk Medical-Pharmaceutical Academy, the scientific school Kompantseff.

The founder of the dynasty and scientific school is Kompantsev Nikolai Nikolaevich

Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Tashkent Medical Institute (1933-1969).

Professor (1933). In 1937 - 1938 the Dean of the Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty.

For the first time raised the issue of scientific substantiation of doses using snake venom. Under his guidance, the pharmacology of medicinal plants of Central Asia was studied.


Kompantsev Vladislav Alekseevich

Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences for more than 30 years, headed the Department of Inorganic Chemistry PMFI.

The author of more than 250 scientific articles, 31 patents and copyright certificates. For the first time in Russia, he substantiated and developed the technology for obtaining the substance of domestic glucosamine, biologically active substances from clover meadow, which later became the basis for the popular drug "Ateroclefit" produced by the company "Evalar".

Kompantseva Evgenia Vladimirovna

Professor, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Evgenia Vladimirovna's works became a powerful foundation in the development of the theory of interaction between medicinal and auxiliary substances. The developed theoretical model allowed to optimize the production of a number of drugs, to select and justify the composition of new dosage forms, to develop methods for the analysis of medicinal substances of natural and synthetic origin, including salts of glucosamine, polysaccharides, flavonoids, etc.

Kompantsev Dmitry Vladislavovich

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Head of the Department of Technology of Pharmaceuticals PMFI.

The co-author and the developer of medical-prophylactic means popular with the population:

- hydrogels of anti-arthrosis: Susanorm, Joint +, Sustazhiv, Sustaflor;

- modified balms of cream-balsams: Susanorm, Sabelnik +, Azerneft;

- phyto tea of the Academic and Krasnopolyansky series.

Author of 7 patents, he published 1 monograph and about 100 printed works of various levels.