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100% natural products

Our products are repeatedly awarded with awards international and Russian exhibitions

Contract Manufacturing

By contacting us with an order for the development or manufacture of cosmetic or curative and prophylactic drugs, you gain access to the innovative potential of the scientific school "Kompantseff", which has existed for more than 50 years!

We specialize in the harmonious combination of phytopreparations with unique spa and balneological factors of the region Caucasian mineral waters.

We invite Russian and foreign partners to long-term cooperation and offer services in contract manufacturing:

  • production of products according to the recipe and technology of the customer;
  • the organization of release of new production "on a turn-key basis" - from development to reception of the declaration;
  • execution of individual stages: production of bulk products (angro), packaging, labeling.

We take even small orders from 18 kg.

All cosmetic products are created in six main areas: medical, decorative, professional, children's, hypoallergenic and innovative.

At the heart of each line of cosmetics are basic, similar in composition substances: mineral and vegetable oils, fats, alcohols, wax and flavors.

The development and pharmaco of the cosmetic matrix of our cosmetics is carried out by the leading technologists of the Compantseff scientific school (professors Kompantsev DV, Kompantseva EV)

Your desire is our fulfillment!